ME :: Anecdotes

Patrizia Lammardo, 26.
Italian. Interior Designer.

I’m keen about Industrial Archaeology.

I don’t believe in septa.

I’m in love with thermoplastics.

I'm fascinated by scale models.

My activity mainly consists in Relocating.
To get in touch and understand the usage of the space
which might change at every latitude and longitude.
So I can draw my conclusions and elaborate my theories about space usage.

Traveling is what makes me a Designer the most. Designer as a Codifier.



I was born in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, South Italy.
I raised among natural reserves in a territory protected from building speculation and mass tourism.

I firstly had my high-school education in Accountancy.
With its imprint, I refined a methodic observation on social dynamics and general behavioral phenomema. 
It developed in me a kind of social sense, which pushes me to cover with new ways of living and makes me wonder how may I intervene. 

I got my education in Interior Design in Perugia and at IED Rome.
During the last years, I lived in Spain - Netherlands - Denmark - Germany.

My main stylistic influences are Italian Rationalism’s architects, especially Giuseppe Terragni.

In general, my inspirations follows a mixed range of lines. 
The main ones: Maurizio Sacripanti - Robert Venturi - Luis Barragán - Aldo Rossi.
I can find myself sometimes because of their Approach to Thematics ; sometimes because of their Aesthestic.

Currently in Berlin, Germay.
Looking for contaminations.